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Insights of the Oil Industry - Facts You May Not Know

The oil industry is on a very large scale in our world today.  This is because a big part of our daily lives aside from our transportation systems relies much on petroleum products.  Oil companies are willing to spend millions if not billions worth of money just to gain more and more profit.

                Initially, raw oil are taken from dug oil wells and sucked up using pipelines, tubes and other tools.  But in order to achieve good class of oil and avoid sucking up sand, rocks and other unnecessary particles, few analytic and measurement techniques were developed and wireline logging is one of these.


                Wireline Logging is one of the analytic and measurement techniques used in oil wells for formation evaluation processes.  Through Wireline Logging, continuous recording of data throughout the process of oil formation can be done.

                Various formation properties can be noted like electrical resistivity, induced and natural radioactivity, hydrogen content, elastic module and bulk density.  These data will then be interpreted to obtain continuous record of measurements in relations to the depth measurements.


                To obtain measurement records from deep oil wells, a sensory tool attached at the end of a logging cable is lowered down the well.  The sensor will then be suspended down the hole and signals from it will be conditioned in down-hole electronics.  Data signals will then be transmitted to the control panel through the cable and recording of data will then be done.  Movement of the cable up and down the oil well will also activate a depth measuring device which data gathered by it will also be recorded.  Lastly, copies of the recorded data measurements called the well log will then be produced for evaluation.  This process is done to ensure quality oil to be extracted from the well and be produced by companies.

Are payday loans actually harmful to your health?

While some analysts argued that payday lending is extremely harmful to those that use it, most payday borrowers will say that they have no problem repaying a loan as agreed and actually find them useful in avoiding high interest costs from their overdrafts or late fees. A study released by the consumer financial protection bureau said that many payday lenders are however exploiting customers in order to offer loans that they know the customer will fail to repay.

The report published today cites the case of Pawar Jesse who committed suicide in 2014 to highlight the danger of payday lending and how some vulnerable people should be wary of getting into this situation of a payday loan trap, whereby they will be rolling over loans, facing considerable charges and possible bankruptcy.

£1 billion industry

The £1 billion a year industry has seen recent regulation in the form of new laws passed by FCA and licensing being reviewed. This comes after numerous complaints about customers accounts being raided for an agreed sum is, and investigations finding that the industry was in fact the wild West of payday lending.

Target the less fortunate

Often located in the poorest communities in the UK payday loan stores offer loans up to any amount of £1000. These loans are then repaid upon the borrowers payday usually within no more than 30 days. Where the problem arises however is when customers can no longer manage their finances due to having to repay interests on already stretched resources.

Last year the citizens advice bureau reported that he had helped over 300,000 residents in the UK consolidate their payday loans after racking up at least more than two. This problem of people applying for and being funded with more than one payday loan at a time was addressed recently in Parliament and a proposal place.

Fiona Jacobs, from the payday loan company spoke to us yesterday

Anyone using payday loans will be fully aware of what is expected of them in regard to charges and fees. Everything is in plain sight nothing is hidden, we do try to vet customers as best as we can, however if they lied to us about what they can afford how are we meant to police that. We do checks of course. But people do need to take personal responsibility if they are playing and being funded with multiple payday loans at the same time. We cannot control people’s behaviour or actions and neither can anyone especially not the government. We therefore find it highly amusing that we are often accused of encouraging this behaviour.

Of course we have constantly evolving practices and vetting procedures. And we will continue to work closely with the authorities and regulators in this regard.


Rave Clothing Is Back in Fashion

Our time is the time to arise a new sense of fashion, a glimpse of fun and adventure, and an exciting expression of the youthful of today’s generation. It is where you and I radiate the intense feeling of peace, love, unity, and respect that will be shown in the fashion items that you wear. Are you a very romantic person? Or are you the type of and angelic one, simply, or just want to have fun? Whatever your emotions will be, or whatever mood you are in right now, we are glad to present the most exciting way of discovering the new sense of fashion that will enlarge your inner likeness to liken these objects that will be shown in this article. Author is an expert of rave accessories, click here for more interesting information.

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What is Rave Accessories?

Rave accessories are used for parties, or anything that you can think of involving fun. It is most likely used in night parties or street parties, with dancing and all sort of adventure. Rave accessories are described as colorful imagination of things that put into pieces to wear on. That is why rave accessories have been made. It is made for having fun with your friends in a party setting.


What is Kandi Gear, spreading love one bead at a time?

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